Named "Nihon-no-Ashitaba"

”A reed leaf(Ashi) cannot stand on its own. When it is tens, hundreds or thousands of bundles(Taba), it form a strong fundation."

 There are strong and weak individuals among humans. There are unique and serious individuals as well. However, in this world, there is not a single person who is unnecessary.
 We want to be the place where you can resonate each other. By that mind, we are named as "Nihon-no-Ashitaba".

"A ryokan(Japanese inn) is created by people and give birth to people."

 A ryokan is created by cutomers. And, in turn, we are nurtured by our customers as well.
 There are many things that customers make us realize and reflect upon. However, when we bring joy to our customers, it becomes our own joy. It will be the chance of creating "the chain of happiness". Every day, something new is growing in our mind.
 From there, our concept was born.